会長  河内 利浩
President Toshihiro Kawachi

2018年度のシアトル日本商工会 会長を務めさせて頂くことになりました北米三菱商事の河内と申します。商工会の前身である木曜会は第一次大戦後の1922年に誕生しました。以来、約1世紀にわたり、諸先輩方が築かれた歴史と伝統のあるシアトル日本商工会の運営をお預かりする責任の重さに大変身の引き締まる思いです。 シアトル日本商工会は、①子女教育の充実、②地域社会との交流と貢献、③会員相互の親睦、を活動の3つの柱とし、その活動を通じて相互の理解を深め、共通の問題を議論し、全体の向上発展を図ることを目的としており、それぞれ①教育部会、②交流部会、③経済文化部会がその活動を担っています。本年度は本商工会の設立目的に今一度立ち返り、「時代のニーズに合わせた活動」と「会員の皆様にとって有意義な場」を提供できる活動を目指していきたいと思います。 これら3つの柱に直結する基本的な活動については、以下に示しました基本方針に基づき各部会の新部会長のリーダーシップのもと、関係者の皆様と緊密なコミュニケーションを取りながらしっかりした運営を目指して参ります。会員の皆様方をはじめ、常任委員、役員・理事・顧問の皆様、並びに事務局メンバーと力を合わせ、「One for all, All for One」の精神で商工会の伝統と歴史を守り継承していくとともに、時代が求める新たな発展へと繋げていくことが使命と考えています。


シアトル日本商工会 部会活動 教育部会(子女教育の充実)






今年度も引き続き商工活動の強化を目指して参ります。あらゆるモノがインターネットで繋がり、第四次産業革命とも言われる変革の中心に位置するシアトルですが、世界情勢や課題をタイムリーに把握・認識し、他地域の在米日本商工会等とも連携し、会員の皆様に役立つ様々な情報発信に努めると共に、会員とご家族の皆様へのサポート、会員相互のネットワーク作りの様々な「機会」をご提供していきたいと思います。 会員の皆様には、是非とも本活動主旨をご理解頂き、当商工会活動に積極的にご参加・ご支援頂くとともに、ご指導・ご鞭撻の程宜しくお願い申し上げます。 以 上






I am Toshihiro Kawachi of Mitsubishi International Corporation, and I have the honor of being appointed as the President of the Japan Business Association of Seattle in 2018. The predecessor of the JBAS, the Thursday Club, was formed in 1922 after the First World War. Taking on the role of the President of the JBAS, with the history and traditions built upon by my predecessors, is a great honor and a heavy responsibility.   The JBAS has three pillars at the core of our duties – 1. Proper education of our children, 2. Maintaining relations with local groups, and 3. Building strong ties among our members. In enacting these duties, we seek to deepen our understanding of each other, discuss shared issues, and drive everyone to greater heights. These goals are supported by our three committees; 1. Education 2. Community Affairs, and 3. Business / Culture. The JBAS will be returning to our original founding goals this year, and strive for activities that can provide “activities that suit the needs of today” and a “place that is beneficial to our members.”   The basic activities that will tie in to the three pillars will follow the basic guidelines outlined below. The new leadership of the three committees will strive to follow these guidelines while maintaining communication with the affiliated members. I believe that all of us – our administrative group, our various board members, and of course all of our members - strive together under the ideal of “One for All, All for One,” we will be able to create new opportunities from the tradition and history of our past.  


Japan Business Association Committee Activities Education Committee
As the governing body of the Seattle Japanese School, we will support the education of the children of our members through proper management.  


Community Affairs Committee
We will build deeper ties with local groups such as the Japan America Society through attendance and support of events, and bring together these ties in order to improve relations between USA and Japan.


Business / Culture Committee 
Through the planning and operation of various events and seminars, we will build closer ties between our members. In addition we will provide social and economic information in order to promote business.



We will continue to strengthen the activities of the JBAS this year. As the internet brings everything closer together, and Seattle is in the middle of what can be said to be the 4th production revolution, it becomes increasingly more important to discover and understand global issues in a timely manner. We would like to work together with other local Japan Business Associations in the United States and provide our members with useful information, as well as providing support to member families and future networking. I hope that our members understand our goals, and actively participate and support our endeavors.